Recommendations made by Frances Mahon Law accepted by Independent Investigations Office after Tony Du inquest

April 18, 2018 – The Independent Investigations Office announced today that it will accept the recommendations made by Frances Mahon Law, along with Pivot Legal Society, in the coroner’s inquest into Tony Du’s death, as the CBC reported today:

In a statement released Wednesday, the IIO said it will adopt the first recommendation which is to automatically release its files to the police agencies involved at the end of an investigation, subject to privacy concerns.

The second recommendation is for the IIO to release information more quickly to the families affected.

“In this case, we regret the Du family was not updated as frequently as they should have been,” IIO director Ron MacDonald said in a statement.

“Moving forward we will do better to ensure families and affected persons receive more information about their case.”

Although the IIO’s response is a welcome one, we are still waiting to see whether the other recommendations made by the inquest jury will be accepted by the Vancouver Police Department, the Legal Services Society, and other provincial agencies.

Frances Mahon Law is proud to help individuals and families wanting to seek accountability and justice from the police. Read more about her police accountability work here.

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